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Sober Living


Making a smooth transition from a residential inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation center to regular daily life is not without its many challenges. In fact, many people find that it is during this difficult process that they face the greatest temptation to succumb to relapse and remission. Not only is it difficult to switch from the structured and isolated environment of an inpatient rehab facility to the “real” world, but the protection offered by this type of setting is free of all drug and alcohol influences – something that cannot be said once a patient re-enters general society. Fortunately, sober living in Kentucky can be very beneficial to those making the transition from rehab to a clean and sober lifestyle long-term.

What is Sober Living in Kentucky?

Simply put, a sober living facility in Kentucky is a group home for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Most of these centers and facilities are privately owned, although some of them are owned by businesses or religious organizations. Usually, you will find these homes in quiet neighborhoods.

It is important to note that sober living in Kentucky is not the same as a rehabilitation center or a detox facility. Those locations are highly structured, and offer an intensive, medically-based recovery experience, complete with therapy, medical care for withdrawals, and restricted access as to when patients can come and go. Those residing in sober living in Kentucky are usually free to come and go as they please, provided that they follow the rules – which usually include a curfew, demands that they hold down a job or volunteer work, and often include random drug and alcohol testing as well.

Additionally, most sober living homes will hold their residents responsible for obligations such as rent and maintaining the overall property, and some require that those living on the property assist in the cooking, cleaning, and washing for the group as well. Often, there will be mandatory or optional group therapy meetings provided during the week. These are all important steps to the recovery process, because studies have shown that addiction wears away at responsibility, causing people to behave in irrational ways.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes in Kentucky for Recovering Addicts

As a transitional step following rehab and detoxification, a sober living facility in Kentucky allows a recovering drug addict or alcoholic to slowly ease back into the stresses and responsibilities of daily life without being thrown directly into the fire. The flexible length of stay and a built-in support system, along with a build-up of responsibilities and aftercare gives these patients a better opportunity at long-term sobriety and sustained recovery with less chance of relapse. Other benefits of staying in a sober living home in Kentucky after leaving a residential inpatient rehab facility include:

A Smoother Transition

Let’s face it. Getting (and staying) clean is hard work. Thousands of people have done it successfully over the years, however, and there’s no reason why you can’t be one of them. Sober living in Kentucky provides a stepping stone between the completely controlled environment that is rehab and the chaos of the outside world, and sometimes, that extra step is simply needed. Training wheels are ok.

A Social Element

Often, it’s a patient’s pre-sobriety social network of friends (and sometimes family) that are the biggest trigger for relapse. In those cases, the person is faced with either being surrounded by people who will either most assuredly pressure them into using again, or being completely isolated from the moment they leave rehab. In these cases, relapse is a huge danger, and sober living in Kentucky can be an enormous help, as they not only build up a new social network, but also are a support system in and of themselves. As an added bonus, they help you create a new network of friends so that you can socialize after you leave, without having to turn back to your old bad habits.

Prevent Boredom

Another trigger for many people once they leave rehab is a simple one – with nothing to do at home all day, they simply get bored. Sober living in Kentucky will encourage you to continuously engage in positive activities, as well as relationships.

Implementing Discipline

Structure is an important element to a clean and sober lifestyle. It is also an important element to sober living in Kentucky. As you learn to adhere to and live with these rules, you’ll notice that they are a much more relaxed tone than the rehabilitation center. However, the most important rule will always apply – to stay within the community, you must stay sober. This will reinforce this same rule over and over throughout all aspects of your life.

Sober communities have been known to be incredibly beneficial for those who have utilized them. If you feel as though you or someone you know would find value in residing at a sober home, contact an addiction professional today and discuss your options for long-term sobriety.