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Partial Hospitalization in Kentucky


When it comes to treating patients with serious or long-term substance abuse disorders or drug addiction issues, there are a number of treatment setting options available. For the most part, these will fall into one of two major categories–inpatient and outpatient–though some will blur the lines between the two, as is the case with things like partial hospitalization in Kentucky. The key to a successful drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is to find one that works with your specific needs, and to stick with the program, even if it means going back through and accessing after care when needed. Here’s a look at the different options in drug addiction treatment settings available to you in Kentucky.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Available in intensive and standard formats, outpatient drug addiction treatment programs and rehabilitation centers can be found throughout Kentucky. These are rehab centers where the patient continues to live either at home or in a sober living facility and attends anywhere from one to five hours of treatment a day in a specialized hospital or rehab center.

The treatment in these centers varies by person, addiction, day, and center, but usually includes detox, counseling, and therapy–with an emphasis on group therapy. The treatment at these centers is provided by a variety of trained professionals, including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, NAs, social workers, interventionists, counselors, therapists, and psychologists. Outpatient rehab usually lasts several months to a year, with patients attending 5 to 6 days a week

Partial Hospitalization Treatment in Kentucky

Sometimes referred to as a PHP or a PHT, partial hospitalization treatment in Kentucky is when a patient stays at a hospital or rehabilitation treatment center, usually during the daytime hours and during the week. Patients do not stay at the hospital overnight, and the total time spent in the hospital rarely surpass 20 hours a week. Partial hospitalization rehabilitation for drug or alcohol addiction in Kentucky normally provides a mixture of medical services, group, and individual therapy options. Physicians and nurses are available for serious clinical care when it comes to things like dangerous withdrawals and DTs, but the patient is still able to participate in their family life and home responsibilities.

Partial hospitalization in Kentucky also allows staff to assess the patient on a daily basis, adjusting for their needs, medically supervising them, and slowly tapering as their addiction allows. PHP is often a good choice for patients following inpatient rehab, or for those whose addiction isn’t quite severe enough to warrant full inpatient rehab as a starting point.

Residential Addiction Treatment

Also known as inpatient treatment, residential addiction treatment centers are full time, live-in, 24 hour a day medically supervised detoxification facilities. Trained medical professionals are available at these facilities at all times, and access to other professionals, including social workers, counselors, therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and religious leaders may be made available at certain times as well. Depending on the type of facility and the addiction the patient is seeking help for, there will be medical help, detoxification, work training, group and individual therapy provided, as well as several different options in after care.

For those suffering from severe or long-term addiction issues, the various residential or inpatient treatment centers found throughout Kentucky often offer the best chances for success and enduring sobriety–although it can sometimes be difficult to meet the cost and time obligations that come with this kind of full time treatment option.