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Medical Detox in Kentucky


Medical detox in Kentucky is designed to treat the immediate and dangerous physical and mental effects of toxins caused by harmful substances, such as opiates and alcohol, on the body and brain. The detoxification process is the controlled and medically supervised process of withdrawing addictive drugs from your system. Repeated use of drugs or alcohol over time can cause a physical dependence on these chemical substances, resulting in an actual change to the chemistry of your brain and body. The recovery and rehabilitation process is a complicated one that often involves many steps, therapies and the care of a physician. One of the most important elements to rehab is often detoxification, which can take any one of several forms, medical detox in Kentucky being the safest choice in many instances.

Kentucky is currently home to many alarming statistics when it comes to drug addiction and abuse, especially when it comes to opiates and prescription drugs. It is third in the nation when it comes to drug overdose mortality rates. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the rates of addiction and drug-related traffic deaths have tripled and in some cases quadrupled across the state since 1999, as reflected by recent studies. Here’s a look at some of the different options for medical detox in Kentucky before embarking on the next stage in inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation for drug or alcohol addiction.

About Medical Detox in Kentucky

For patients with a long history of drug abuse, those with other significant health conditions, or those presenting with a serious dual diagnosis, medical detoxification may be the best course of action. Taking place within a hospital or medical residential treatment center, medical detox in Kentucky is completely supervised by qualified health care professionals at all times.

Best for patients who might have to deal with serious withdrawal symptoms or those whose physicians are worried about them in terms of health and safety, this kind of inpatient detoxification allows for close monitoring and usually means a slow tapering and the gradual administration of decreasing doses of a replacement medication until the person can be safely taken off drugs or alcohol completely without fear of withdrawal symptoms at all.

Rapid Detox

During Rapid detoxification, the painful and difficult process of drug withdrawals occur while a patient is asleep under the same kind of general anesthesia used for surgery. While the patient is under the effects of the anesthetic, a highly trained physician administers intravenous injections of opiate blocker medications. These medicines, in conjunction with anti-nausea medicines, muscle relaxers, and other specially chosen medications, can achieve detoxification over the course of 2-8 hours in an intensive care unit. Patients are usually discharged following a 2 day hospital stay.

It’s important to note that rapid detox should never be attempted by anyone other than a highly qualified and experienced medical doctor, in a real hospital setting, with a real health care team at the ready. Attempting this kind of detoxification in any other setting is literally putting your life in danger.

Outpatient Detox and Methadone

For patients who are more able to effectively handle the reality of withdrawal symptoms, outpatient detoxification is usually a safe and effective approach to the beginning of the rehabilitation system. In Kentucky, there are several outpatient detox programs to choose from, with a variety of FDA-approved medications and systems available. The traditional outpatient detoxification system takes between 7 and 14 days.

For patients with a serious opiate addiction, especially those struggling to come down from a methamphetamine high, methadone detoxification offers a slow taper over the course of 21 days. The withdrawal period is uncomfortable and can bring serious side effects, making it difficult for many patients to quit completely in one cycle.

Regardless of which specific detoxification program may work best for you, medical detox in Kentucky is the safest route to take when considering most serious drug or alcohol addictions. To learn more about your options for medical detox in Kentucky, contact an addiction specialist today. Detoxification can be the first step to your new, prosperous beginning.